A short report on International Womens Day 2022 organized by Department of Mathematics
Mar 08, 2022

A short report of celebrating “International Women’s Day- 2022” (By the Department of Mathematics, Central University of Jammu on 8th March, 2022) On the occasion of International Women’s day, the Department Mathematics, Central University of Jammu has organised a small celebration in which Dr. Neelika Arora from Department of Human Resource Management, Central University of Jammu has been invited to give a small talk on Women’s day. Firstly, Our Head of Department, Dr. Ajay Kumar Sharma gave a brief talk on women’s day. He talked about the status of women in our society and her importance in everyone’s life. He also enlightens us about few legal rights that women have in our society and many of us are not aware of that. After that he introduced our guest Dr. Nilika Arora and welcomed her to say few words for women. She started by thanking the faculty members for this opportunity and told us about the great Indian women that existed in our society like former Prime Minister Indira Gandhi, fighter Rani Laxmi Bai, great educator Savitri Bai Phule etc. She also emphasises about the women that are presently ruling our country on various designations of Constitutional bodies. What makes her little different speech is that she doesn’t talk about rights, freedom, liberty of a women but rights, freedom, liberty of all genders of society. She talked about gender equality that whether a woman or a man we must respect each other’s personal space, choices, freedom etc. She taught girls don’t try to be a man in society but be a woman of the society. She taught our young girls that always proud to be a woman and make the society proud of you.  She thanked the male section of our society who is working for giving equal rights, opportunities to women. Not only, she makes students aware about Gender Sensitization Committee against Sexual Harassment (GSCASH) link of the University where one can file a complaint of such harassment but also taught what is the actual meaning of harassment and it can be happened with anyone. She encouraged the students to fight against such kind of harassments that she mentioned in her talk. In the end, she thanked our faculty members who honoured her for inviting her for this talk. After her talk, one of our faculty members Dr. Kamlesh Kumar also talked about giving equal status and respect to women and inspires all the audience to fight for their rights. In the end, Dr. Sanjay Kumar thanked Dr. Nilika Arora for taking out her precious time for our department and for inspiring our young students whether male or female to always stand for themselves, followed by distributions of chocolates among students.