Seven Days Faculty Development Programme on Emerging Trends in Evaluation and Assessment Culminated
Mar 16, 2021 - Mar 22, 2021

Press Note

Seven Days Faculty Development Programme on Emerging Trends in Evaluation and Assessment Culminated at CUJ

(16th March – 22nd March, 2021)

A week-long faculty development programme on Emerging Trends in Assessment and Evaluation for Teaching and Learningreached at its milestone today itself which was organized by the School of Education, Central University of Jammu, under the aegis of Pandit Madan Mohan Malviya National Mission on Teachers and Teaching (PMMMNMTT) scheme of Government of India.The valedictory session of the online FDP was graced by Vice Chancellor, Prof. Ashok Aima, Central University of Jammu, Prof. Sunil Dhar, Dean, School of Education,CUJandProf.Marmar Mukhopadhyay, Former Professor at NIEPA & Director of ETMA, New Delhi, who was also the chief guest of this session. The welcome address was delivered by Dr. J.N. Baliya, Head, Department of Educational Studies CUJ&Programme Coordinator (PMMMNMTT).


In his Valedictory address, Prof. Ashok Aima, VC, Central University of Jammu, elaborated that individual competencies to be blend togetherso that they will do wonders together. He also stated that one needs to understand of self and make reflections in order to know the strength and weakness of oneself. Prof. Aima also recommended that there should be pre FDPs, Pre Traning and assessing the learning needs of the teachers so that knowledge gaps has been identified and programmesto be conducted and structure as per the requirements.The presidential remarks was delivered byProf.Marmar Mukhopadhyay, Former Professor at NIEPA &Director of ETMA, New Delhi, talked about three things very rightly that is nature of learning, Knowledge Utilization and Knowledge Creation. He also stated that there is dire need to reconstruct the concept of learning in the current era of learning environments. Further, he exclaimed that teacher should have very high conceptual complexity which make him or her to be multitalented in various things at a time. In addition to this, Prof. Mukhopadhyay also elaborated that we have to find the relationship between pedagogy and assessment so that there is n alignment of accurate pedagogy for the expected outcome in the education in behavioral form. He very accurately put forth that Professional development programmes can be re-termed as Professional Learning programmes which is actually a continues process.


Earlier before the valedictory session, the participants who belongs from different region of the country gave their presentation based on the one of thethemes of FDPof their choice. This sessionwas chaired by Prof. Umesh Kumar Sharma, Dept. of Law, HP University, Shimla. In addition to this, an assessment test was also taken up by the organizerwhich actually covers all the topics which have been covered in theses seven day. Dr. Aman, Organizing Secretary and Centre Coordinator for Assessment and Evaluation,read the whole report of all the sessions of seven days FDP.The faculty members of the Department of Educational Studies who moderated all the session of this FDP including Dr. RituBakshi, Dr Kiran, Dr. Aman, Dr. AsitMantry and Dr. Ravi Vanguri.